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Eastern Canada Dachshund Club


Welcome to the ECDC Online version of Teckel Tales.  As editors and members of the Eastern Canada Dachshund Club, it is with pride that we are able to offer the membership a new and efficient means of communicating up to date information between club members, and editorial staff. 

It is our hope that we will be able to continue to offer the same great features as newsletters and editors have provided in the past; as well as a few new areas of interest to fancy. 



 Letter from the Editor



What Will The Online Teckel Tales Offer Our Current Members?

  • The online version of the classic 'Whelping Box' will expand to provide monthly updates on the joys of puppies, litter sizes, gender, and availability.  Members wishing to participate should email information to Editors at ecdc-teckeltails@hotmail.com
  • Members can submit the latest accomplishments of their beloved Dachshunds.  Whether it be within Conformation, Obedience, Tracking, Earth Dog, Therapy, or plain old couch surfing, we want to hear it all so lets get this membership talking Dachsie!  
  • Teckel Tales Online will as well have a members area and we encourage friendly conversations and posts about everything Dachshund.
  • An online photo gallery will be created for members to share their pictures.  Photos should be sent to the Editors at the above noted email account.  
  • Teckel Tales Online will provide an area informing of upcoming training and seminars within an Events Calendar format that would be of interest to dog enthusiast from all geographical areas of our membership.  
  • Health, Training, and Educational information will as well have an online home within this site. Before long we hope to have a library of information that our members can look upon for answers to their health and animal wellness related questions. 
  • Dodgerslist has as well agreed to be involved with this project and will be providing Editors with the latest information and research findings on Inter-Vertebral Disc Disease (IVDD).  It is a special treat to have them involved and we look forward to the future of online guest editorials from Dodgerslist!